Classmate blogs:

I have chosen two posts from my classmates blogs that I have found to be very informative and well written. The first one I chose was written by Alfred Zander and titled: Guidelines for Effective Social Media Marketing on September 8, 2012 during Week 2 of class. I feel that this post definitely captures the top 5 things that make for a successful social media 'campaign'. I especially liked the examples provided in the post. I feel that this post could really benefit somebody who is looking to start up the social media marketing side of their business. Very good information is provided in this blog!

The other post I chose was written by Dylan Green and titled: Planning to Plan, Under the Hood of Social Media Marketing on September 24, 2012 during Week 4 of class. I thought that this was a very good post because the items that Dylan lists in this post are exactly the items I think are important to think about as we head into our semester project. I will personally use this information. So I thank him for this useful information!

Blogs about Social Media Marketing:

An interesting blog I found is written by Brian Solis, who is according to his blog, a digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist. I have found a few of his posts particularly interesting. The first one is titled: Why do customers use social media networks for customer service? Because they can. This article details the difference between traditional customers and how they obtain customer service and what Brian refers to as 'Connected Customers' and how they obtain customer service. We have essentially entered into a time where there are now more than one platform to get service from a company. A traditional customer will call or stop into the local store if they are needing assistance. Where as a 'Connected Customer' will most likely first announce to all of their friends on Facebook or Twitter that they are having an issue with a particular company or product, then attempt to get in touch with that company via Twitter, Facebook or the company's website for help. This blog provides information on how a company should re-think the future of their customer service. Since I do not consider myself to be a 'Connected Customer' this blog really made me stop and think about how this is truly a reality for companies now.

Another great post by Brian Solis is titled: Are you connected with your new generation of customers.....Generation C? In this post he describes the new generation of customers out there - the generation that is not necessarily any certain age category - it is actually a lifestyle. The generation of your customers that are connected. In this post he discusses how businesses need to look forward into the future and how their customers are evolving. While there are still many traditional customers out there, those customers are evolving into the new Generation C and what this means to a company. Companies need to incorporate these customers into their plans and strategies in order to be successful in the future.

Blogs used for Marketing purposes:

Criteria I consider that makes a blog an effective marketing tool would be as follows: keep your blog up to date, post information that is useful to your customers, keep it relevant and make sure it is an interesting read so that your customers want to come back for more! 

Blog #1 - Starbucks:

I have rated the Starbuck's blog as an 'A'. The blog is definitely kept up to date, it is very interactive - the whole concept of the blog is to have their customers get involved by giving them ideas! That is a genius concept. There is even a section titled 'Ideas In Action' so that the customer can view what is in the works. Very cool blog in my opinion!

Blog # 2 - Whole Foods Market:

The Whole Foods Market also earns an 'A'. This blog is filled with useful information for their customers. Each blog appears to contain something informative that would bring a customer into their store.  The posts are interesting and I can definitely see where a customer would want to visit this blog frequently based on it's content. It also appears to be kept up to date and it is neat and tidy.

Blog # 3 - Fiskars:

The Fiskars blog also earns an 'A' from me! This blog is FILLED with all kinds of information! The layout of the blog is very organized. It is updated regularly. The site visitors can also sign up to be a 'Fiskateer' which give the customer access to the entire Fiskars site. If I were a crafty individual, I would have signed up!

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