Subway has 38,121 locations throughout 99 countries. For their social media marketing campaign they effecitively utilize Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.


Subway's Facebook page has 18,180,621 likes as of today. Wow, that is impressive! SocialBakers list subway the #27 overall brand on Facebook according to kizata.com. Postings include advertising their specials, to fund raisers for certain causes, fun surveys and contests. Customer's can check out Freshbuzz which directs their customer to specials in their area and links to their other forms of social media. Customers can also read their news feed, check out events in the events section, watch videos, use The Flavorizor (to build their sandwich) and take polls from Facebook page. They do a great job of making the Facebook page attractive and keeping it current.


There are currently 818,428 Subway followers on Twitter. Tweets include responses to customer's questions, promotions of Subway products, customer service responses, congratulatory messages and contest announcements. Subway has a very active Twitter account with several tweets per day. I follow Subway on Twitter and feel that they do a good job at keeping the customer informed on specials and products. I have also seen Happy Birthday messages and congratulatory messages, which adds that extra personal touch that is all so important in any marketing venture.

You Tube:

As of today, there are 1,112 Subway You Tube subscribers with 13,786,859 views. The You Tube following seems to be the least active of the three types of social media marketing avenues that they utilize. From You Tube the customer can view the latest commercials and videos sponsored by Subway. The latest craze seems to be their commercials with "Todd" ~ yes, you have seen him, the adult with a child's voice. To improve the content posted to this site, if they added informational videos about nutrition and exercising they might be able to pick up another crowd of visitors since a big part of Subway is about eating right.  

To summarize it.....

From my perspective, I believe Subway's goals for social media marketing are:
  • Advertising their products
  • Communication with their customers
  • Keeping their customers informed
  • Engaging customers

I think Subway's customers goals are to gain information on Subway's menu items, obtain information on Subway's specials and to place orders online so that they are ready for pickup when they arrive at the location.

I truly believe that Subway does a fantastic job addressing the customers goals in their social media marketing. They have a very active Facebook page and Twitter account. They do a great job in keeping their customers informed of any upcoming specials with frequent posts as well as very inviting photos of what they are advertising. There is an area on their Facebook site that takes you to the Freshbuzz, which is an area where you enter your zip code and any local specials appear. Freshbuzz also includes links to Subway's You Tube site, an area to follow them on Twitter, another section where you can enter your email information so that you can receive emails with special offers. Twitter also addresses their customer's goals, they do tweet about their specials and their menu items which keeps the customer informed. From the Facebook main page, there is a link to Subway's website where all kinds of nutritional information is housed. The customer can locate nutrition information on all of their menu items as well as use the meal builder to construct their meal. From there the customer can also place their orders. The commercials on the You Tube site keep the customer informed as well.

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    Holly M. is a part time student at LCCC taking a social media marketing class.


    September 2012