Effective Use of Facebook for Marketing

The 3 organizations I chose to rank are: Starbucks, BuzzBallz and Bath and Body Works. 

I ranked them as follows:

-Most effective: Bath & Body Works
-Middle: Starbucks
-Least effective: BuzzBallz

Bath & Body Works is just awesome. The fact alone that an option from their Facebook page is to set your own Facebook Cover Photo as your 'Signature Scent' is genius on their part. I just set my cover photo to their Paris Amour fragrance. So now every time I log on to my Facebook account I am reminded of Bath & Body Works and how much I love their products. When I did this it also added a few entries to my wall about doing this and actually promoting it to my friends. We all know how much time the population spends on Facebook, so to have a constant reminder out there would be extremely effective in my opinion. Nicely done Bath & Body Works! Also, it seems that their Facebook account is updated daily. They have excellent photo choices which draws me to them; I am sure I am not alone here. There is a section where you can see what type of events are going on, which could lure their customers into the stores or onto their website to shop. From a marketing perspective, I'd say this one is extremely effective.

The Starbucks Facebook page is good too. It does appear to be updated regularly. Looks like they have contests that go on; which I think is great to keep people interested. There are a good amount of photos which in my opinion is a good thing. Some of the photos made me want to go out and visit my nearest Starbuck's for one of my favorite drinks. Good thing for me is that I don't have one close ~ which in itself is odd since they seem to be on every street corner these days!! One thing I noticed in common with Bath & Body Works is Pinterest. There is a link to Pinterest on both Facebook pages. So it appears that they are keeping up with the times since Pinterest appears to be the 'up and coming' latest craze!

As far as BuzzBallz goes, they might as well not even have a Facebook account. Now, I clearly realize that this company is a much smaller scale company than the other two that I have rated. But It is apparent that they do not update their page at all. There is an 'About Us' section and a few photos. Really no presence at all.

Facebook vs. Google Plus from a business/marketing perspective:

Facebook has around 960 million users while Google Plus has around 153 million. Big difference in the size of each. This alone gives Facebook the upper hand from a marketing perspective. 

There tends to be a difference in the content between the two. Facebook tends to be more of 'whatever' and the Google Plus community tends to be more solid information. There is also a difference in the users. Facebook has every kind of user, while the typical user of Google Plus leans towards business professionals. So it would seem that both platforms do serve a purpose. It sounds as if Google Plus would be more of a platform for building relationships with business partners who can help each other, possibly as a lead exchange. While Facebook tends to be more of a 'get it in front of the customer quick & make them want it' platform.

Google Plus has an item called Circles, which makes it easy to separate content between your friends and your business acquaintances. In Facebook there is a way, but from what I understand it is not as easy as the Google Plus application. I would think that this would make it easier for the Google Plus'ers to direct their marketing content to their customers only vs. getting it to everybody you are connected with.

Google Plus has a video chat option which is called a 'Hangout'. You can have up to 10 people join a 'Hangout'. This could easily be used for product demonstrations. Facebook does not have a video chat option. So from a marketing perspective, this avenue would be difficult for Facebook to compete with.





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    September 2012