The Elegance of Tellagence in Social Media Marketing:

This article discusses a new product that was rolled out to Twitter this fall. It discusses how just because you are 'liked' on Facebook or 'retweeted' on Twitter, this just means the person is in agreement or has interest and not necessarily that the person is going to take any action. The Tellagence product can analyze conversation relationships in social media. Meaning that they can look at the businesses goals and where they are looking to target. It evaluates where the business already is reaching and analyze where to go from there based on what others are talking about and who they are talking with. It boils down to marketing to the right people who will take action instead of just 'everybody'.

How To Measure the Success of Content Marketing:

This article discusses measuring the content of Facebook and Twitter. It covers onsite and offsite metrics. Onsite metrics would be things that are happening on your own site. Offsite metrics would be items related to your site that are not necessarily happening on your site. These can be measured by looking at engagement (communications, endorsements, distributions) and by exposure (reach # at a post level). This article also states that Facebook is much easier to measure than Twitter. Twitter is a much more manual process and it is very difficult to drill down to exactly how many people you may actually be reaching.

Take the Devil Out Your Social Media Marketing Details:

This article discusses a product offered by a company called SumAll. SumAll's product lumps all key data sets together to form a unified view that eliminates data silos. This product is still in beta stages as the article states. Its basic service is free and can track most social media channels activities. They recently added Instagram to their services. They are able to track which pictures performed well and increased revenue.

To wrap it up....

Different metrics need to be measured to monitor the success of your social media. Event tracking tracks the behavior of website visitors by tracking the actions that they take. Identify which social actions generate the most traffic. There are programs available to see what posts generated the most quality clicks. Track the path of visitors on the site. This will prove the most valuable content and will aid in the decision when the time comes to update the site. There is social reporting available that lets you know what the visitors are sharing and where they are sharing it. Use of content analytics is important. This can show what the sites top content is, how often people visit and how long they stay. Real time alerts are available which helps to keep up with what is happening on the sites as well as bring awareness to any traffic spikes. Real time reporting is also available which reports activity as it is happening. There are many vendors that provide metric tools to measure a businesses social media marketing. Some come at a cost while others are free.  

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