While perusing the Slideshare website as part of this week's assignement, I chose to look at several of the presentations that were considered to be their featured presentations. The one that grabbed me quickly was titled "Pinterest: How will it change social media?".

One day while sitting waiting for a class to start I had overheard two people chatting about this website and how great it was. While I made a mental note to check it out, I never did make it there. However, after looking at this presentation, I will certainly be checking it out!


The presentation was put together by a company called Social Fresh, which is a Social Media Marketing training company. Up until today I had no idea that there was a such a thing! The presentation does several things that agree with the information that Professor Zellers has provided for this class. Here are a few:

1.) Pinterest has identified their main users - which is 80% female!
2.) They have determined what makes Pinterest unique to other forms of social media.
3.) The items/subjects that are most poplular with their users has been identified.
4.) The company has tracked the patterns of their users to determine the times of the heaviest traffic - to potentially use this information in the future for promotions.
5.) They hold contests for their users which is important and could keep your customers returning.

As I sit here and review the semester project, to come up with a marketing plan for the LCCC Business Division website, I am having great difficulty coming up with anything to improve the assignement. I have looked through the project and compared it to some of the various sites I have vistited an previous notes that I have taken from assignments. I can't seem to come up with any form of improvement. I made a few notes, then went back to the assignment before posting my thoughts and found that those items were there. I think the semester project is well thought out and should prove to be an interesting assignment for those of us newbies to the field such as myself!

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    Holly M. is a part time student at LCCC taking a social media marketing class.


    September 2012