Should've Had a Tic Tac!

I think that this Tic Tac video is extremely effective. They are basically pointing out with this that bad breath kill somebody. If that doesn't make you want to freshen your breath, I am not sure what would! While watching this video, my interest was held because I was curious as to what exactly this was for.  I believe this was a good marketing video since it makes a clear point and it keeps the consumer in suspense making them hold out until the very end to find out exactly what it is for.

Coca-Cola = Happiness

Another effective video in my opinion! This video gives you a sense that if you drink Coca Cola happy times are upon you! Everybody in this video that gets a bottle of Coke or takes a drink of Coke or even comes up to the Coca Cola truck is just smiles all around. I can see where this feel good video would draw you in. It makes you happy, you feel good and you want to go out and buy Coke.  Very good campaign on their part!

TBS - Your daily dose of drama

This is very much like the Tic Tac video. You have no idea exactly what it is for, but it draws you in to keep watching it. The excitement of it just keeps your attention. TNT is giving you the idea that everything that they have on their network is just full of drama. It makes you think if you like drama, then this is the channel to be watching! I think it is extremely effecitive marketing on their part.

In summary, I believe a good marketing video has several qualities. First and most importantly, I believe it needs to keep your interest. Next, I believe keeping you in suspense is completely necessary! Then, I believe it needs to make you feel good. Feeling good makes you attracted to whatever it is that made you feel that way.  I think all three of these videos possess those qualities.
Mr. Tastey
10/30/2012 05:48:16

I'd like to get together and talk about this:)


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