Well, according to several websites, social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic or attention
through social media sites. This is the definition by http://searchengineland.com/guide/what-is-social-media-marketing and also Wikipedia. (I am thinking that they use the same dictionary!)

In reviewing several websites, I have discovered that this can be a highly effective yet inexpensive way for advertising for companies. Just by simply having a business Facebook account, a business can reach an enormous amount of potential customers just by having their own customers 'Like' or 'Fan' them. The fact that the customer has done so forces the action to be moved to their own Facebook page for all of their 'friends' to see. I know when I see that my friends like something, I typically trust their judgement and would be inclined to look into or try whatever it is that I see that they like. Brilliant!

As I read '10 Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips', it made me believe that the key to social media marketing is the business being able to keep up with it and make sure that it stays new and fresh. Contrary to what I previously may have thought, Facebook is not the only way to keep up, some other options are Twitter (for quick, small jolts of advertising), LinkedIn (could be used to encourage recommendations from your customers to be posted on your site), Company Blogs, YouTube...the possibilities are extraordinary and seem endless.

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    Holly M. is a part time student at LCCC taking a social media marketing class.


    September 2012